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Toddler Meal Idea

Team with your toddler's favourite toy and see who finishes dinner first!

Magic Meatballs Toddler's Meal


3-4 Magic Meatballs of your choice

½ cup cooked pasta

1 cup of vegetable sticks

½ cup of chopped fruit of your choice

20 ml of tomato sauce


Add pasta to a pot of boiling water and cook to taste. While pasta is cooking prepare the Magic Meatballs according to pack instructions. While magic meatballs are cooking cut vegetables into various shapes and arrange on plate. Cut fruit into bite sized pieces. Serve fruit in a separate plate or section of plate. Use the plate (as pictured) or a small bowl to serve sauce with the meal. Once pasta is cooked drain well and arrange on the plate. When magic meatballs are cooked arrange on the plate and serve.

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